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Kwajalein School, on average, hires approximately ten new teachers each year.

By late-January, Kwaj teachers are asked to sign their contracts indicating their intent to return for the next school year.



As of the start of school on 12 August 2005, Kwajalein School has filled all of its teaching vacancies for the current year.  Currently, Kwajalein School has no positions open for application.

However, occasionally we experience late resignation.  When these resignations occur, we often fill the position from our current application files. 

If you would like to submit an application for our files, please go through the web site for the Human Resources Offices of Kwajalein Range Services at

Prospective teacher candidates are welcome to contact the superintendent at the
e-mail address above.  Or they may also check our page of . . . Frequently Asked Questions


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Warm ocean waves lapping on white sand beaches, trade winds blowing through the palm trees, and summer all-year-round.  Does it sound like paradise?  It is.

Low class size, motivated students, strong parental support, ample resources, strong technology, and a beautiful and climate-controlled learning environment.  Does is sound like teachers' paradise?  It is.

Well, yes, we may be a bit smug about what we have to offer teacher candidates here on Kwajalein.  But year-in and year-out, we have some of the most sought-after positions in international education.

The Kwajalein Schools are located on Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  Kwajalein is a U.S. military installation administered by the U.S. Army and is subject to military rules and regulations.  Kwajalein Range Services, a private corporation contracted to provide a variety of support services for the resident population, operates the schools.  The schools serve approximately 400 dependent children of the U.S. citizens residing on Kwajalein.  About 15 percent of the students are from military families and the remainder come from homes of civilian residents working on the Range.

Residents enjoy many of the amenities found only in much larger communities in the United States.  There are swimming pools, beaches, a 9-hole 3,000-yard golf course, two movie theaters, tennis and handball courts, a bowling alley, a marina, modern stores, bank, and social, cultural, and educational organizations that are designed for a broad range of interests.  Opportunities for water-related outdoor activities abound.

The schools employ approximately 45 staff members and enjoy a classroom teacher-to-student ratio of approximately 15 to 1.  Kwajalein schools tend to be highly academic in nature with strong emphasis on the basic skills at the elementary level and college preparatory emphasis in the secondary school.  School is in session for 180 days each year.  Kwajalein students consistently out-perform the Department of Defense and stateside norms on the ITBS, ITED, SAT, and other similar examinations.

However, Kwaj is not for everyone.  We are a small town on a tiny, remote Pacific island.  People who thrive on the bustle of a city and hours in the shopping mall should carefully consider this aspect of Kwajalein life before making application.

More information can be found on line at or


Kwajalein Jr/Sr High School
PO Box 52, APO, AP 96555
Phone: (805) 355-2011 FAX: (805) 355-2016